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Shanghai Fortress

Set in the future, the city of Shanghai battle to defend itself against an ongoing attack by an alien force that has attacked and laid siege to numerous cities around the globe in it's quest to harvest a hidden energy only found on earth.




Boi is a young man starting out in a new job as a chauffeur. While anxiously waiting for news from his girlfriend regarding a decision that could change both their lives, he must accompany his first clients, Michael and Gordon, two Asian businessmen who have come to Barcelona in order to close a multimillion-dollar deal.

The Bodyguard


The Bodyguard

The film is a mixture of action-packed Kung Fu film and super heroes, following Wu-Lin, the successor of ancient clan “Iron Kick”, as he must unleash his secret techniques to save a spoiled, rich girl, who is kidnapped by a group of mobster.

The Great Hypnotist

The Great Hypnotist movie content: The business is developing well by a famous psychologist ( do xu Zheng ), until he meets a tough female patient, seems no longer simply a relationship between patient and doctor, the story gets more complicated ...

Somewhere Only We Know

The main character Kim Thien has experienced the most miserable period in her life : her engagement was eliminated by her boyfriend and her beloved grandmother died. Thien Kim's world seemed to be shattered. Having been great sorrow, Kim Thien decided to travel to escape the sadness. In splendid Europe, she meets Banh Trang Duong and her fairy tale started.

Insomnia Lover

Too much stress in life can ruin our relationship nowadays. But if your love is strong enough, fate is in your own hand. The film tell the story of a couple who finally get back together after many obstacles.

Monster Hunt 2

Wuba is on his own journey through monster realm, parting ways with his human parents Tian and Lan. Peace has not been restored in the monster world after the death of the evil monster king.

Girls' Generation

The movie centers on tree directors, three group of students, three stories, all aiming at the upcoming National Students' Talent Competition, where all the students training hard to perform on stage to win the game.

Master Of The Shadowless Kick: Wong Kei-Ying

Set in ancient China at the end of the Qing dynasty, the movie centers on a physician (Sun Hao-ran) who learns the legendary martial art, Shadowless Kick, to take down the ruthless and treacherous new governor of Canton.

Wu Kong


Wu Kong

Set 500 years before the Monkey King wreaks havoc in the heavenly kingdom, it tells the stories of Wukong who, unwilling to bow down to his own destiny, sets out to rebel against the gods.

The Fighting Youth

Through the stories of 6 different personalities at work, in love, the real life through young people's perspectives is decribed vividly.

Ultimate Hero


Ultimate Hero

Directed by Dragon Chen (aka Chen Star), Ultimate Hero is guaranteed to be filled with martial arts sequences, explosions, car chases and shoot ’em up scenes. It follows a man as he attempts to stop a gang of arms smugglers in Africa.

The Shanghai Job

The movie follows a washed-up private security agent as he has to escort a valuable Chinese antique out of Shanghai but is ambushed en route.




A group of four imperial guards including Ying, Sao, Yuanlong and Niehu are assigned by The Ming Emperor to escort the Golden Wheel of Time, which is said to have the power of time travel and foresee into the future, from Sindu to the capital. However, they are betrayed, and accidentally buried and kept frozen in time by avalanche. 400 years later, they are discovered by scientists and become their research subjects. Suddenly waking up at Hong Kong, they continue their pending battle in the new context.

Yesterday Once More

After a family tragedy and with the help of her best friend, a young girl begins to understand that “youth” means she should work hard to pursue who and what she loves. There is no shame in living your youth with no regret!

Lord of Shanghai

Set in Shanghai, 1905, the movie tells the story of country girl Cassia who starts out as a lowly maid in a brothel. She captures the attention of the Lord of Shanghai and it pulls her into a brutal war where she learns to rise above the odds in order to survive.

Rush Hour 2


Rush Hour 2

Detective James Carter and Chief Inspector Lee travel to Hong Kong for vacation, but soon find themselves responsible for investigating an illegal counterfeiting scam.

Shaolin Warrior

It was about a boy,who breaks into the Shaolin Temple and defeats some monks, and he wants to prove it enough to join the Shaolin. Does they accept him? Let's discovery by yourself.

Little Big Soldier

This film is set in post-Warring States period.Many pointless war happen and people die , it is terrible. There are two main characters, one is an old soldier and the other is a military general who wants to suicide to preserve honor.

Long Day's Journey Into Night

Luo Hongwu returns to Kaili, the hometown from which he fled many years ago. He begins the search for the woman he loved, and whom he has never been able to forget.

Mojin – The Lost Legend

Based on the best-selling treasure hunting novel in China, this action-packed movie pits a trio of legendary grave robbers against scholars, rivals, and the law – until an offer from a mysterious stranger tempts them into one last heist. "Mojin – The Lost Legend" will take you on a wild journey from the streets of New York to the mysterious dungeons and treasures of the deep abyss.

The Twins Effect Ii: Blade Of Kings

Flower Capital is ruled by an evil queen who hates all men after being betrayed by her lover. However, a prophecy foretells that one day, the Star of Rex will find and use a mythic sword, rise to power, overthrow the queen. One day, two street performing boys Charcoal Head and Block Head, accidentally get a engraved stone from the Queen's palace which is actually a map leading to the sword, and they start their journey into a dangerous terrain to find it.

Armour Of God Iii: Chinese Zodiac

JC (Jackie Chan), is tasked by MP Corp, a company supplying stolen relics, to find the remaining lost bronze heads of 12 bronze heads of the animals from the Chinese zodiac for auction, with a promise of a 10 times bonus if he can recover all of them. So he sets out a seach over the world to complete the task and gain the enormous bonus.

Black & White: The Dawn Of Justice

Black & White: The Dawn Of Justice is a comedy. It is about the two different police, one is strange and the other is arrogant but intelligent. They will create together many irony situations and beautiful action with techniques from Hollywood filmmakers.




Set in ancient China dynasty, when it is divided into seven kingdoms. One of the most powerful ruler, Qin is being threatened to be assassinated by other Kingdoms. As a minor official defeats Qin’s three principal opponents, he is summoned to the palace to tell Qin the story of his surprising victory.

The Four 2


The Four 2

When the four constables Emotionless, Iron Hands, Life Snatcher and ColdBlood of the Divine Constabulary investigate a murder in the suburbs, they come across clues to the murder of Emotionless’s family 15 years ago. As the investigation progress, the constables discover unexpected facts about their own lives that so hard to face. Can they wipe out the past grudges to continue at the Divine Constabulary? And even if they survive this harsh battle, a bigger one is about to cross the horizon.

City of Rock


City of Rock

The movie tells the story of a young musician from a small town in China as he teams up with a music agent to organize a charity rock concert in hopes of saving his town's treasured Rock Park.

So I Married an Anti-fan

An entertainment reporter hates a star after she is fired for trying to reveal secrets about him. The intrepid young woman has taken on a new mission in life: destroy him at all costs, only to start falling in love with him.

The Rise of a Tomboy

The film tells the story of a young female who tries to use mathematical formulas to find out how love works, but only to realize in the end that true love is about being able to feel the heartbeat of the other person.
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